Nicki Joyce is an African Wildlife Photographer with a profound passion, respect and understanding of Wild Africa, captures inspiring unique images of an exclusive mysterious African World with it’s fascinating and breath-taking animals & their distinctive behaviour. Needless to mention; the photos displayed are worth a thousand words. Nicki immigrated to Africa in the early 1970’s, completed her high-schooling in Pretoria, then studied Speech Therapy at Pretoria University. She also undertook a diploma course in Computer Programming, and several years later studied Nature Conservation, whilst simultaneously working as a Field Guide in a Kwa Zulu Natal Game Reserve. Nicki has always had a deep love and compassion for animals, her interest and enthusiasm for photography started when she was 15 years old ; and since her arrival in Africa she has been blessed with the freedom and opportunity to combine photography with her intense passion for wildlife. She owned a small photographic business in Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta ; Botswana’s showcase of Africa’s miraculous wilderness , where the family also spend time enjoying the spectacular beauty and splendour of God’s creation ;
African Wildlife Portfolio - elephant bulls raising trunks in the fight
cheetah scanning the area from a vantage pointAfrican male lion with young lionessAfrican Wildlife Portfolio - elephant bulls raising trunks in the fight

African Wildlife Portfolio

Wildlife Focus PhotographyFeel the mood, with “ An African Original“ Wildlife Focus PhotographyOur Images “ Worth a Thousand Words “ Our African wildlife images are captured by Wildlife Photographer, Nicki Joyce,This includes all African animals, from the tiny tots to the Giants of the African Bush. Nicki’s profound passion of Wild Africa shows clearly in…