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Wildlife Conservation Projects

Wildlife Focus Photography

Our website is a showcase of Africa’s Natural World, captured in a unique style. Wildlife Photographer Nicki Joyce is the creator of the wildlife images. The photos represent the animal’s behavioural patterns in their natural habitat. Her focus is to capture “that moment”, which  “tells a story”,  but represents emotion to be re-lived by the viewer. Her photos educate, amuse and are informative, it will take you back to those fascinating moments never to be repeated again.

' African Originals ' our latest Wildlife Images.

wildlife image young male lion

African Original - Lion

Adolescent Lion resting with the Pride

wildlife image of a tiny young zebra foal

African Original - Zebra Foal

Tiny Fluffy Zebra Foal

wildlife boomslang resting in tree

African Original - Male Boom Slang

Highly venomous back fanged snake